Thursday, January 8, 2009

Welcome to life

Welcome, to the most fragile, the most unpredictable, the most unearthly, the most talked about, the most fought for, the most dreamt about, the most sought after phenomenon and yet something so common that everyone has one. Welcome to the animal which everyone around seems trying to tame though knowing nothing even close about it. The game which everyone believes he is a master at but yet no one knows what his next move might be. The game boards where keeps changing colors and coins where have more than two faces. Welcome to the author who writes stories mightier than any other worth his salt, welcome to the bay where day and night numerous ships come and pass each one sure of its identity and rather thinking of itself as an entity, to the bay however they are just another passerby. Welcome to the world of innumerable possibilities and probabilities, where one simple step might change the whole of the course and at times all desperate efforts don't count in changing a situation. Welcome to something as colorful as a Indian chief's mask and yet as dark as the night itself, welcome to the contrasts of sugar and salt, Welcome to life.

Monday, January 5, 2009

The ocean of life

Up ahead there was a long road,

I tried my best to stay afloat,

Neither I knew nor ever I tried,

To turn around and look for ground,

But when I noticed I was off far,

In the seas of uncertain wrath,

Venom was flowing in my veins,

And to cap it all, it started to rain.

I looked for cover but there were none,

Life now looked like a pun,

In this moment of despair, I came across

An end of a rope which was floating past,

The other end was out of sight,

I searched for it but it was already night,

The falling rain further blocked my vision,

I looked at it again but this wasn’t envision,

I started with the end and went in its direction,

The sea now was calmer and rain showed affection,

I swam and swam until the dawn,

Till when there was light and the wind was gone,

The sea now seemed as a huge green pearl,

Although I was weary but I had hope,

Cause across my waist there was a tied rope,

My joys caught the ninth heaven,

When a boat I found ready to be driven,

I jumped up on and took some rest,

I was tired, I was weary and I was wet,

When I woke up feeling dry and strong,

I started rowing and sang a song,

I rowed and rowed and rowed and rowed,

Went on and on and on and on,

But still I don’t understand what went wrong,

Cause I still am rowing …long forgotten the song,

Looking for the land which is nowhere to be seen,

I don’t know what all places I have been,

I caught a glass bottle a few days back,

It had a story written but had no tag,

I don’t know why I thought I knew the writing,

It resembled mine and I swear that was shocking,

Even the story it talked about was mine,

At the bottom of the bottle I found a dime,

I searched my pockets I had lost mine,

I still wonder who wrote my story,

And threw it away as if unholy,

I wonder why didn’t he wrote an end,

Please decipher this message for me, it seems god send,

By the time you are thinking about what went wrong,

I am trying to remember my old song,

And am still rowing on and on...